In Memory Of Shawnee’s Waffles Of Oklahoma.

The savory aroma of freshly baked waffles drifted your way the instant you opened the door of Shawnee’s, Waffles of Oklahoma.

The warehouse was located near downtown Shawnee, inside you’d find two giant mixers, a long line of waffles irons, all connected, a huge quick-freeze unit, packaging assembly line and a vast walk-in storage freezer. Owner and operator Doyle Beck opened the plant in Nov 22, 1996.  They employed 30 employees.

Great Tasting Waffles

The finished products were frozen Belgian waffles, two-ounce, three-inch in diameter mini-waffles, one-ounce waffle sticks and “boats,” Belgian waffle containers turned out in different shapes for holding ice cream, fruit shrimp or other delicacies.

The public could purchase the great waffle and pancake mixes, formerly only sold to food service professionals and wholesale companies.

The waffle and pancake mixes were packaged in easy ‘just add water’ cook and serve cans.

You can buy restaurant grade waffle irons for use in your own home.

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